Hybrid Ink is a small publisher focused on thoughtful fiction, exploratory poetry, and creative non-fiction. The goal of Hybrid Ink is to provide well-versed and sophisticated works of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. We want writing that gets us thinking about ourselves, stories that span genres, words that change the way we look at the world.


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An Atlanta, GA to Chattanooga, TN IKEA delivery and assembly service.

Fairbanks, AK

I make and sell what’s commonly known as “fire cider”! I use organic, some local, and some wild ingredients to make it! This is my first year with things but it’s going wonderfully and next year’s going to be huge!! Sort of connected to a budding local rad feminist group (the hrrrrl scouts). There are cool ppl up here trying to be leaders for the next decade!


We are SEE Change Happen, we work with business and organisations to promote Diversity & Inclusion specifically around creating supportive environments for Transgender individuals in the workplace.

We do this through workshops, training and speaking at seminars. We can also provide consultancy and advice on policies and best practices, etiquette, awareness, transition at work planning etc…

We are happy to chat on the phone and we could discuss more about how we might be able to assist. If there is benefit we could also arrange a meeting for exploring more detailed requirements.


I love capturing moments. I’d be honored to be a part of your memories.. I’m very LGBT friendly and work with any budget.

I love being creative in my shoots so tell me your ideas and lets have some fun.


We know firsthand how vital top surgery can be in reducing dysphoria, and we also know how expensive it is: because of this, Genderbands hopes to reduce dysphoria for transgender and gender non-conforming people through our top surgery grant fund. We are able to supply this fund through sales of our products as well as donations. It’s our way of paying it forward.


Athena Community Technologies CIC is a trans owned and run IT services company and was started to serve the local community, and provide the highest quality IT services at the lowest possible cost to both end users and businesses alike.

With the rise in the number of services now being offered online, having a computer and knowing how to use one is becoming all the more important. Unfortunately, not everyone has the finances and/or skills to be able to keep up with with this fast-changing world. Athena addresses these needs within the local (and wider) community and offers the following services:

  • Low cost repairs: Many people on low incomes might not necessarily be able to afford a new machine, or even a 2nd user one. Therefore it makes sense to repair existing equipment if it’s feasible. We can provide a high-quality but low-cost onsite & workshop repairs service (at a fraction of the cost of the larger players).
  • IT Training: We can provide basic and advanced IT training, depending on need, on a one-to-one or group session basis. Unfortunately, we do not hold training sessions on Athena premesis at the present time.
  • IT Break/Fix Support to local charities and SME’s: Athena will also provide IT break/fix or managed service support to the local business community, including local charities and other CIC’s. Athena is in a position to provide this service at a much lower cost than many other service providers.
129 West Kent Avenue, Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 531-0659(406) 531-0659

I provide psychotherapy services with a specialization in supportive care around gender identity issues, in all stages of life and all stages of transition. I also have extensive training and experience in attachment-focused therapy and trauma, depression and anxiety.



Atlanta and the Southeast

photojournalist and documentary producer


CryptFolio lets you keep track of your cryptocurrencies, miners, investments and equities, and generates regular reports of your portfolio.


Empowerment and transition coaching for LGBTQ people

I help people with alternative lifestyles, gender identities or sexual orientations discover how to live and lead in alignment with their purpose, passion and values.

Los Angeles & Worldwide

Georg-Schwarz-Straße, Leipzig, 98 Germany

Soli Computerhilfe is computer repair shop composed of two parts. The first being a standard computer repair shop offering transparent and flexible solutions for all hardware and software issues, as well as data recovery, at a fair, affordable price. The second part is an effort of solidarity that is funded by the first part. We invite donations of computers and computer parts, old, broken, or otherwise, and use these donations to create working computers that we supply to socio-economically disadvantaged people and those in need. We also offer discounts for socio-economically disadvantaged people and those in need.

My partner and I own a full stack, white label, website design firm which also specializes in mobile and various software design.

At this time, we’re only able to offer independent contractor positions.  There are no set hours,  so long as you deliver work on schedule, you’re completely free to set your own hours. We pay bi-weekly. Communication is generally done via email and discord.

We currently have work available for people on the design and development sides. WordPress experience is a big plus right now.

Hackensack, NJ

We are business process consultants, reviewing the needs of your business workflow and creating software developed just for you from this needs based analysis. We are are FileMaker platform developers providing solutions for businesses. We do everything  from conversion from other database systems such as filePro and Access to writing a custom solution for your business.

We also provide other business services from web site design and expert witness.

ka oval logo.jpg
West Yorkshire, UK

Handcrafted metal and gemstone jewellery taking inspiration from nature and spirituality

1455 NW Leary Way, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98107

A holistic law firm in Seattle partnering with clients to provide legal assistance throughout life’s emergencies and long-term planning.

Biggleswade , Bedfordshire

Trans Owned Fire alarm and fire safety company

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