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We are SEE Change Happen, we work with business and organisations to promote Diversity & Inclusion specifically around creating supportive environments for Transgender individuals in the workplace.

We do this through workshops, training and speaking at seminars. We can also provide consultancy and advice on policies and best practices, etiquette, awareness, transition at work planning etc…

We are happy to chat on the phone and we could discuss more about how we might be able to assist. If there is benefit we could also arrange a meeting for exploring more detailed requirements.

Atlanta and the Southeast

photojournalist and documentary producer


Empowerment and transition coaching for LGBTQ people

I help people with alternative lifestyles, gender identities or sexual orientations discover how to live and lead in alignment with their purpose, passion and values.

Los Angeles & Worldwide

Hackensack, NJ

We are business process consultants, reviewing the needs of your business workflow and creating software developed just for you from this needs based analysis. We are are FileMaker platform developers providing solutions for businesses. We do everything  from conversion from other database systems such as filePro and Access to writing a custom solution for your business.

We also provide other business services from web site design and expert witness.

1455 NW Leary Way, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98107

A holistic law firm in Seattle partnering with clients to provide legal assistance throughout life’s emergencies and long-term planning.

Biggleswade , Bedfordshire

Trans Owned Fire alarm and fire safety company

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